Mother’s We Salute You, on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s We Salute You, on Mother’s Day

Mothers are important to society, without your mother, you wouldn’t be here. Mothers make us who we are and what we can become. Mothers are usually the first teachers of our children, as well as our first impression of how we view the world. Whether a sports figure is throwing a ball giving honor to his/her mother, or whether it’s someone going off to war and waiting for that letter mom sends telling about what’s happening back at home. As they say there’s nothing like a “mother’s love.”

Well, let me ask how you think mothers who serve in the military feel during this time when they can’t necessarily be at home with their children, or if you’re a military wife and mother who has to care for the family alone. Having a child changes a woman’s life in so many ways some dreamed of and hoped for, that we never imagined. For most women, the love they feel for their children is unlike anything they have ever experienced. It is different from romantic love but is certainly as intense and can be as consuming. The bond that forms at the very first moment they see their newborn baby will inform and guide a mother’s decisions for the rest of her life.

As a mother we sometimes worry about and feel responsible for everything that might not work out for their children. They feel every disappointment, every pain their child experiences, even more intensely than their own. They make frequent sacrifices, of time, sleep, money, and energy, willingly if not always easily. And most mothers would without hesitation sacrifice their own life to save their children. Mothers can be great teachers, excellent advisors, and amazing sources of support, sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and skills as their youngsters grow and mature. Most mothers have impressive patience and tolerance for the mistakes and missteps their children must make in order to become adults. These mothers want the best for their children, take pride in them, and enjoy the journey as much as the final product. Indeed, enjoyment of our children is the best reward for the time, effort, and work required to raise healthy, happy, and productive human beings. God has put you in our lives and always in our heart!

Happy Mother’s Day to All!


Yael Edwards

Post 53 Chaplain






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